Debugging itemRenderers

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You may have notced that I have spent a lot of time chasing down issues with itemRenderers. It always frustrated me that you could get information on the parent of any component, but I could never figure out how to find out information on the renderers being displayed by a List based control.

I finally realized that if I set a break point in a scope that had a reference to a List control, I could rifle through the properties of that control until I found the rendererArray property, which seems to be an array of arrays. If you're not using a multi-column control, like a DataGrid or an AdvancedDataGrid, the itemRenderer for each row will be at the 0 index of each row index. Otherwise, each row will be the outer index of the rendererArray and each column will be an element in the row array.

I really do view this as my diary of Flex, and I got tired of not ever remembering what the name of the property is. It can take quite a while to fish through all the properties available on a control to try to relocate it. So I wrote it down, since it doesn't seem to be documented. Hope it helps you, too :-).


Basarat said...

I think this is what you need : Or perhaps I am misunderstanding your post :)