Patience is a Vitrue (or something like that)

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I admit it, I have been neglecting this blog. In part, that is because I've been in the midst of some really exciting changes.

Before I get into what has been going on, some background. My husband, Steve Howard, moved all the way from the UK to Mississippi to marry yours truly. Soon after he moved here, he got a contract working for a company in the North Atlanta area, and that company extended a full time offer to him. He's been working there ever since--from Mississippi.

In June, I started a contract with Johnson Outdoor Marine Electronics, a division of SC Johnson, working on the upcoming Geonav G12, which will be released March 11. This has been a fantastic experience, and I am pleased to have been a part of it.

If you've followed my posts on InsideRIA (now DevelopRIA), you know that I have been very interested in the exciting possibilities inherent in social media for developers for a long time. So when a recruiter called me to tell me that Vitrue was looking for a Flex developer, I was interested. When I found out they wanted me to develop visual tools to allow non-technical people to create and edit quizzes for Facebook, I was hooked--I have been building these types of tools for many years, and I know this is something I can ace.

Lucky for me, Vitrue felt the same way, and they made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I will be staying with Johnson Outdoors until the release of the G12 on Friday, then I'll be starting with Vitrue the following Monday. I will miss my friends at Johnson, but I look forward to joining in on the fun at Vitrue.