Looking for Work

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So far, most of the Flex work I've done has been Flex applications embedded in Authorware applications. My current Authorware and Flex project is winding down, and I'm looking for a purely Flex project to work on next. If you have benefitted from this blog and you know of a Flex job, especially a telecommuting job, please either contact me or pass on my information to whoever's hiring.

Thanks! :-)

TileList with styleFunction

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Recently I had a requirement to have buttons displayed in a grid with different color backgrounds based on the underlying data. Thus, the TileList_withStyle was born. The TileList_withStyle is simply a TileList extended to have a styleFunction. Note that I mostly just copied and modified the styleFunction code from the AdvancedDataGrid control. You can probably use the same technique to add a style function to pretty much any List-based control.

At the same time, I also needed to set the icon on the button based on the iconFunction that TileList already had. Unfortunately, the Button class does not have hte inherent capability to use the icon as it is passed in through the iconFunction. Thus, the IconFunctionableButton was born. I've posted an example file demo-ing these two classes. Right-click and select View Source to get the source code.

Charting Example

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A couple of weeks ago, I said I'd compile some thoughts about charting. Normally, this would mean that I'd talk about charts in a general way. I'm not much on posting code, mainly because I'm terrified that I'll post something that will lead someone who's even more newbie than I am down the wrong path. Instead, I prefer to talk about code in general terms, then let people go off and make whatever mistakes I've inspired them to while I keep a clean conscience.

But this week someone asked me to give an example of showing how to add an axis in ActionScript, so I thought I'd do that just this once because my husband just had shoulder surgery and goes to bed early these days. While I was at it, I threw in a little bit of this and that other stuff I'd learned while building charts.

I don't claim my approach is the only approach or the best approach to the problem. But here's an example of how to create a chart entirely in ActionScript. Right click to view source. If you pick up bad habits from it don't blame me!!!