Resources for Learning Flex

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I started this blog to document the hurdles I was finding as I was learning Flex 3. In the year since I started blogging on Flex, this task has become much easier. I wanted to take a minute to talk about two things that I've noticed that are real improvements. First, the Start Page appears to update itself occasionally.

I've posted before that I had problems learning to use the debugger due to lack of resources that explain its basic functionality. A few weeks ago, I cranked up the Start Page for some other reason and noticed it had scroll bars. I scrolled down, and lo and behold! there was a link to a video tutorial on the debugger!

The second, I noticed just today when I was looking at the web version of the Flex Builder forums (I usually use NNTP). I noticed there's a forum for Flex in a Week, and since I'm nosey I opened it up and discovered a link to the Flex in a Week training course. I haven't had a chance to look at all the resources, but the topics look like they should be useful to the new learner of Flex. Thanks to the folks at Adobe for being proactive and helping new users over the learning curve hump!


Charlie Key said...

I also run a blog in which we write a bunch of Flex Tutorials over at and we are always open to helping out other people. Feel free to stop by and ask questions away if need be, we try and help anyone we can. :)