Installing AMFPHP to Windows 7

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I was excited to read about the release of AMFPHP 1.9 in February, but I didn't need to install it until a couple of weeks ago, when I was working on refactoring my Lazy Loading Tree example to take advantage of Maté. I wound up burning up almost an entire day due to permission problems on AMFPHP that were difficult to track down.

It turns out that something about my setup, whether it's Windows 7 or IE 8, caused a problem with the zip file when I downloaded it. The first thing I needed to do was to go into the properties of the zip file and hit the "Unblock" button. I had no idea that the "blocked" setting on a zip file could affect what are, in effect, text files inside.

But even after I did that, I had problems with the AMFPHP files that were in subdirectories, and no matter how I changed security settings on it, I couldn't find anything that would work. It seems that somehow Windows was encrypting the folders as they were being extracted. When I extracted them on a thumb drive, it couldn't apply the encryption. When I copied those extracted files over to my WAMP installation, AMFPHP worked perfectly.

Hope this helps someone avoid blowing out a day on this.


DLSalahi said...

Yes, I ran into that, too. I think it was caused by downloading the file with Internet Explorer (8). My main browser is Firefox but, for some reason, I happened to be running IE when I downloaded AMFPHP and it seems that IE sometimes tags files (yes, even text/PHP files) as security risks. That prevented me from running them in my WAMP server also. I worked around it the same way you did: copied them to a flash drive to strip them of their secondary streams and then copied back to my hard drive.

P.S. If anyone is looking for an AMFPHP tutorial, check my blog post:

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dudeman said...

Thank you for this post. Did the unblock, but also had to use 7-zip to unzip it without encryption.