Why I love development perspective

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I have to tell you, I spend a lot of time debugging. So for a long time, I just left Flex Builder in Debugging persoective unless I needed to work in design view for some reason. But then I realized that Development Perspective gave me more vertical space in the code window, and I started switching to it more often. I'll admit, that's not exciting enough to post about.

But once I started working in Development Perspective more often, I started noticing that the Outline pane was much more useful than what I previously thought. Whenever I'd seen the Outline pane presented before, it was just a way to get hold of items in Design view that were underneath other items or otherwise hard to select. But Outline view is an aid I use daily now, because I can see the overall structure of a class at a glance, or click on a method or variable and instantly be taken to where it is defined in the code.

I don't know how I missed the documentation of this wonderful feature.