Musings on AdvancedDataGrid (Part 1)

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This last week, I had my first experience with the AdvancedDataGrid component. I knew I needed to have multi-column heirarchical data display. I also needed to be able to dynamically color and also set an icon each row based on the content of the data item. I scoured the docs for a component that would meet these requirements, and the ADG's styleFunction and iconFunction seemed like they would fit the bill perfectly--and ultimately they did. But in the meantime, they led me on a merry chase because the docs didn't include all the pieces I needed to understand what was happening. Ultimately I did understand it, so I thought I'd pass my surmises along in the hope that others can shortcut the many hours I spent on the problem.

Tomorrow, I'll talk about the relationship between AdvancedDataGridItemRenderer and AdvancedDataGridGroupItemRenderer.


tech said...

Hi Amy ,
Does the grid accept only 0xFF0000 color code in the rows?
cos I when I give any other color it does'nt accept it.

Amy B said...

You need to extend the itemRenderer, as discussed in parts 2-4 of the series, in order to be able to change the backgroundColor.