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I am often trying to do sort of off-the-wall things in Flex, because I am slowly building new functionality in Flex that gets plugged into Authorware. When enough of the functionality exists in Flex, we'll rebuild the shell logic to finally port it all to Flex. But for right now I find myself doing things I suspect the Flex team never intended.

For instance, last week I was sending XML in through ExternalInterface that contained XML that was destined to be the htmlText for a TextArea (I have more fun and interesting posts about that to come later). But the upshot is that I was getting "Error #2044: Unhandled IOErrorEvent:. text=Error #2036: Load NeverCompleted." I thought it was a problem with the XML getting through the ExternalInterface or maybe with the parsing or possibly with the component that was displaying the content. I couldn't find anything on this error, so I was pretty much stumped.

As it turns out, the problem was that I'd gotten the path to an image in the HTML slightly wrong, and when that didn't load, I got the error. A secondary issue was that the latest Flex Beta spits out a debug swf by default, so this helpfully shows the error to anyone and everyone unless you go out of your way to put out a production version. I'd forgotten about this new quirk, so this was fairly alarming in a file I'd planned to pass along to my client.

Anyway, we're going for dinner now. Ta.


michmy said...

awesome, i ran into the same issue and couldn't figure out what the problem was. turns out the path to an image was wrong. thanks!!

simo90 said...

Thanks Amy,
I had a similar error which you pointed me to. My issue was I was loading photos with a 'for' loop and photos 1-9 had the names, photo01, photo02, etc. Obviously, a 'for' loop doesn't know of put a zero in front of 1-9 so the photo names where wrong and it gave this error. In short, this error relates to loading something wrong somewhere with the wrong name. You just have to hunt it down.


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