AS3 Basics

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I've been struggling a lot with the Flex documentation (can ya tell?), and a lot of it, I think, is because the people who write docs know the whole thing inside and out. So they don't realize that before they go off all half cocked telling you how to write the code in a package, they should probably take a moment or two to tell you where to put the package, what to call the package so it will work, and how you refer to it from within your code and MXML. That's just an example of my "issues" with the docs, but a very pertinent one.

I'd pretty much worked all those things out with a little creative "reading between the lines" and reading the same articles on the Developer's Center over and over. However, I finally stumbled across the free ActionScript 3 Cookbook Excerpts from O'Reilly, and let me tell you, it has really codified a lot of stuff I thought I'd figured out, as well as correcting some misconceptions as a result of the roundabout route I took to the figurin'. I have only read up to Chapter 2, which, incidentally, explains all that stuff about packaging. I think I'll be ordering this book tomorrow! Wonder if it comes in MS Reader format...?


Niels said...

Thanks for the tip! :)