Change of Direction

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I haven't said much lately on this blog. Mostly that's because I am not doing Flex very much, and haven't been for a while. I did a short stint with Captivate, but now most of my work is in Flash. And, actually, I am doing more these days in AS2 than AS3. Hopefully that will change, since I am rewriting our codebase to a consistent AS3 framework.

I've decided to shift the focus of this blog away from pure Flex and more to "anything vaguely to do with the Flash Platform that I think is interesting." One of my plans is to add a new tag, FlashTips. This is a double entendre, because many if not most of them won't directly be about Flash, but all of them will be very short, like flash fiction. I am finding that Flash offers huge scope for productivity improvements for small changes in workflow that take minutes to learn.

I hope you like the change.