FlashTip #2: Changing the view on audio folders

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I deal with audio files nearly every day. These files are ones that have been recorded by our voice talent, so all the track information that is wonderful when you've downloaded a music file or ripped it from CD isn't useful.

What is useful is knowing how big the file is and when it was last modified. You know, like you can easily see in directories that do not contain audio files.

Not long ago, I found a way to change the view on the folder all at once, instead of having to remove all of the unneeded columns and replace them with the ones I want. All you do is right click on the folder, then select properties. Select the "Customize" tab, and you will see that "Optimize this folder for:" is set to "Music."

Now select either "General Items" or "Documents." Here is what it looks like set to "Documents."