FlashTip #3: What color is that thing in Photoshop

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If you've ever searched on "Photoshop for Developers," you've probably noticed that most results are either really shallow or should more aptly be titled Photoshop for people who can't read the help and figure it out. So, I thought I'd post every once in a while when I find something that helps me with my real workflow as a working developer. It will probably still be shallow, but at least I know it fills a real need.

Today, I want to talk about what to do when you get a file where you need to find out what color something on a layer is, but it is so covered up in effects that the eyedropper tool won't work. If you're lucky, the designer has included a palette, but somehow that brand of luck and I seldom meet.

Recently, I discovered this simple tip to find out what color that object is (assuming it's a solid color underneath). All you need to do is click the dropdown to the right of the "fx" in the layers panel, then click the eye icon to turn off the effects.