Showing item number in ItemRenderer

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I asked a question several weeks ago on the FlexCoders forum on how to get the item number of an item that had been clicked in a Repeater. None of the answers that I got seemed to help and it wasn't that critical, so I let it drop. In my current project, it is critical, because I have to show that number on the screen.

Luckily, I am using XML. E4X XML, like Authorware icons, is very "self-aware." In Authorware, you can get from any place in the program to any other place using the numeric values implicit in the parent/child relationship. Similarly, an E4X XML node "knows" what its child number is relative to the parent node. So displaying the node number on the screen was as simple as {data.childIndex + 1}.

Some days Flex is really cool :-).

Updated 12-3-08:
I've posted a simple example that shows how to display the line number in a List based control with either an XML or ListCollectionView source.


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