Order of Events for ItemRenderers

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I suspect that I'll be blogging a lot about ItemRenderers, because it seems that there's a ton that can go wrong with them and lots of stuff to learn before you can get it right. A good starting point in learning about them is Alex Harui's Blog. I found this source a bit misleading in my current project, because it suggests that you should run your init code in the dataChange event listener function.

The problem I found is that the dataChange event runs before some objects in the component have been instantiated, so trying to change their attributes results in a spectacular explosion. The solution I found is to set a boolean value in the creationComplete listener to indicate whether or not the component was completely drawn, then run the same logic that would have run from the dataChange function. So when the data changes, the dataChange listener will initialize the objects, but on first creation, the creationComplete listener handles it.

I suspect this is not the optimal way to handle this, but it works and doesn't require much rocket science on my part.

Update 7/3/2008: I eventually had a series of conversations about this with Alex, and it seems that the mistake I was making was that I was trying to address objects directly in the dataChange event handler, and, as noted above that doesn't work. But instead of repeating that call in dataChange and creationComplete, what I should have done is to set a boolean flag in dataChange only to indicate that the property (which in this case was a dataProvider) needs to be set on the child object.

I was trying to avoid overriding any of the inbuilt methods, but the engineers intended for developers to override many of the methods when creating itemRenderers. In this case, I needed to override commitProperties and set the dataProvider whenever that flag was true (and then set the flag back to false, of course).