Debugger and E4X

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I had a thingie that I had built in Flex, and I wanted to change it from showing a property of the xml object passed in the data object to the itemRenderer to iterating through child nodes of the xml object to show multiple selections. I thought my problem was with the E4X expression, so I wanted to be able to quickly change the E4X syntax without having to recompile and run my project again. So I decided I'd create a watch expression with my E4X in it and just keep trying until I got it right.

It seemed that no matter what I tried, I kept getting "Errors in Evaluation" for my E4X expression. Finally, in frustration, I put my best guess at the E4X expression in a trace expression, and it worked like a charm. The actual problem was that the logic wasn't even going into the piece I thought it was. So let that be a lesson to me that the debugger expressions window can't actually evaluate E4X!

Oh, and if anyone knows something in the debugger that works like the Immediate pane in VBA, please let me know!


Anonymous said...

Hey Amy!

I LOVE YOU! I waisted about 2 days on this basically undocumented issue. I'm new to e4x and went through books and online tutorials and thought I AM CRAZY (or everyone else, who wrote that e4x works). I never thought that the Flex debugger is worthless for working with e4x.


coldpizza said...

Try the E4X Debugger from Adobe - the source code is available on the Adobe site: