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Hello, my name is Amy and I'm an Authorware-holic. The thing is, Adobe has been deafeningly silent on the future of Authorware, so I'm checking out other tools that can make a web application and a desktop application from the same source code. I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to learn Flex, and honestly I find it quite frustrating.

The Flex documentation, like the documentation of many programs, makes (nearly) perfect sense if you already know what it is talking about. However, when you are trying to learn a software program, you do not already know what it is talking about, so you spend a lot of time puzzling out what the Flex definition of is is.

So, I am starting this blog of my experiences as a Flex newbie trying to get a handle on this beastie. Hope it helps someone.


rlubensky said...

Great use of a blog, Amy! But I think you undervalue it by calling it a Diary. By articulating a problem and your attempt at solutions, you provide an opportunity for self-learning. It's not just reflection, but reflection with intent. Being (relatively) public forces you to be coherent and finish your thoughts, rather than just tossing your pen into a corner. That said, I sometimes take couple of runs at a draft first, before posting it.

Best of success!